Present Simple-ćwiczenia, cz.3 (kl.5 i 6)

                                                                       PRESENT SIMPLE
1 Write questions and answers.
1 you / live / Spain? x
2 they / like beer? v
3 you / like / swimming? x
4 they / have / an American car? x
5 they / work / in a Chinese restaurant? v
6 you / speak / Spanish? v
7 they / eat / Italian food? x
2 Read the text and answer the questions. Use short answers.

Lucy and William are married. They are from Canada but they don't live in Canada now. They live in London. They’re both teachers and they teach in a big school in London. They live in a nice house in the suburbs of London. They have a German car and a Japanese computer. Lucy and William like Italian food and wine, and they both speak Italian because they go to Italy on holiday. They don’t like French food and they don’t speak French. They play sport. They like football and skiing but they don’t like tennis.

1 Are Lucy and William married?
2 Do they live in Canada?
3 Do they work in London?
4 Do they have a Japanese car?
5 Do they have a Japanese computer?
6 Do they like Italian food?
7 Do they speak Italian?
8 Do they go to France on holiday?
9 Do they like French food?
10 Do they speak French?
11 Do they play sport?
12 Do they like tennis?
3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of a verb.
drink     go (x2)      work     play     speak (x2)     leave (x2)     live     eat     have
1 Jane ____ lunch at a restaurant near her office.
2 Giorgio and Maria ____ out in the evenings.
3 Bruce ______________ home at 7.30 in the morning.
4 Sharon and Richard often ______________ a pizza at home in the evening.
5 I ______________ to work by bus.
6 You never ______________ wine.
7 He ______________ in a small house in Oxford.
8 Clare ______________ work at 6.30 in the evening.
9 You ______________French.
10 They ______________ the piano.
11 She ______________ in a bank.
12 My parents ______________ German and Spanish.
4 Make the sentences negative. Use he, she, or they.
1 Peter gets up at five o’clock.
2 Jack and Jean go to bed early.
3 Jane cooks dinner in the evening.
4 Tom goes to work by bus.
5 Andres and Ana work in an office.
6 Maria has breakfast at eight o’clock.
7 My father lives in Brazil.
8 Keiko works at weekends.
9 My brother wears a uniform at work.
10 He goes to the supermarket every day.
11 Barbara drives to work.
12 He has a lot of free time in the evenings.
13 She watches TV every morning.

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